We believe that nothing can give a fairer, more balanced view on what a company does than its customers. Here are just a few of the many testimonials that we have received from our existing customers:

The staff in this company excel in customer service! The 2 ladies that I have had the pleasure of dealing with, on separate occasions, over the telephone were so helpful and friendly. Not only this but they were also knowledgeable about what the problem was with my plinth equipment (bought from a third party a long time ago) and found an immediate solution to fix it. Highly recommend this company and the high quality, long lasting equipment.

Suzanne Carr


Thank you very much for my new couch, it is beautiful!

Julia Humble


I would just like to say thank you for the way my enquiry was dealt with today by Hilary on the service desk. She talked through my query and gave technical advice which meant that a repair was effected without having to purchase new parts which wouldn’t have been covered by warranty. I appreciated her attention to the actual problem and listening when it would have been easy for her to simply order a new part which would have cost us. So, thank you!

Joe Morriss


The new replacement base arrived very quickly, and it is an excellent fit. It is like a new couch! I am extremely happy with it, and the service I received!

Nicola Stapleton


Please can I say how delighted I am with my new plinth! My friends are teasing me about the colour – but it’s just because they are jealous. Thank you from a very happy customer. Hopefully as my practice grows I shall be contacting you again shortly.

Nigel Utton


The quality of the Plinth is tremendous. The service, maintenance and post purchase customer care is superb. Fast, friendly, efficient service to be found with Plinth 2000.

Carolyn McGregor


If you need anyone to say how amazing your products are & your service please do not hesitate to call me, because we are really pleased.

Elizabeth Dancy


This is just a note to say how grateful we are that you could arrange delivery of our bed so soon. We really did not expect delivery only a day after ordering. It is fantastic. We will definitely recommend you to our colleagues.

Sally Hayter


First of all - many thanks for the terrific service. The Plinth is great and the delivery man was most helpful. I shall defenitely be recommending you to my classes at the college.



I am extremely touched at your generous gesture in the exchange of my plinth for a heavy duty one. I am of course delighted with the new couch, but the kindness attached to it makes it extra special. It will be a great pleasure to take it into my new life in Croatia, where it will certainly do good work!

Vivian Grisogono


I would just like to take this opportunity to extend my grateful thanks to you and your colleagues for the excellent service we have received. Martin was extremely helpful regarding all telephone communication and Ian was equally so when he delivered the Plinth. It is so refreshing and reassuring to see customer service at its best and that it actually can happen! I would recommend your business to anyone I may come in contact with (re: such items). Many thanks again for excellent service - it is very much appeciated and valued. Best wishes for all future business transactions.

Frank Whitelaw


Just a quick note to say thank you! How refreshing it is to do business with a company that shares the same level of importance when it comes to getting things done. I was extremely impressed when the delivery van arrived today (Wednesday) containing the replacement head section for the couch that I reported on Monday. I commend your service levels.

Jeff Barnard


I have been using it almost every day now for 7 months and am absolutely delighted with it. It really saves my own back and the various positions I can place my patient in are second to none. It really does the job well. Thank you very much indeed.

Dr. Stephen Percival

I felt that I should write you a letter of thanks regarding the help you have recently provided to me in sorting out our old plinth motor. You certainly go that extra mile when it comes to customer care and it is much appreciated.

Roy Nuth


Thank you very much for your efficient manners & friendly attitude whenever I have called. I will certainly do business with you again in the future.

Helen Bullen


I am writing to thank you very much for arranging to drop us off a foot switch for one of our plinths, and also to extend a personal thanks to your receptionist's daughter for making the effort to drive in specially from Wetheringsett on a Thursday afternoon to deliver it. Such exceptional service is in my experience a rarity these days and I am very greatful for all your efforts. Had it not been for your kindness in arranging this would have been in a real muddle with clinicians needing to use all rooms the next day and a plinth at a top of its range! Please extend my thanks to everybody concerned.

Andrew Gilmour


I would like to thank you for your patience, time, commitment and help with the treatment chairs and the phlebotomists arm rests - which was not necessarily part of your remit to adjust. It has definitely been worth the adjustment though, as all the staff using the chairs are now satisfied and if I need further treatment room chairs, I know who to contact. Thank you again for you and your team's efforts.

Cathy Cackett


If only every company was has efficient as Plinth!! Many thanks.


Love my new trolley. In fact I may serve deserts on it when I'm not treating patients! Thanks for a very quick delivery and beautiful packaging. Excellent service appreciated.



Just a quick message of thanks to you all for making my job easier over the last 10 years. I have always been confident that any problem I've faced you with would be dealt with without fuss or delay & this really helped.


Porter Nash

I was treating a patient the other day and she passed a complimentary remark about my plinth2000 couch. She was a fellow therapist so we talked a bit about couches for a while. She said she used to own a locally made couch and had it maintained by them, but they'd gone out of business and now it was unusable because of lack of spares. This got me thinking. Should I be maintaining my good old 503? So I dug out my Instruction Manual and was surprised it was as long ago as 2004 when I first got it. It's frame is dusted once a fortnight and I gave the castors some silicon spray-on lubricant I think last year. Other than that it gets pretty well ignored. It's in perfect working order. It works beautifully, it's smooth in operation. Sometimes it sighs gently as it is lowered, usually in the hot weather, mostly it is completely silent. Here are some statistics I've just unearthed about it's life in my treatment room: (It has to be moved out into the middle of the room for each treatment and then back again after each treament) Original cost in 2004 - £705 inc VAT. Total treatments I've used this plinth for - just over 1200 - distance it's been pushed around the room - just over a mile. Thanks for a brilliant product. As I said, it is an ununsung hero.

Mr Demmon


The couch in my current clinic has broken, fortunately it is stuck at an appropriate height. It is not one of your couches I hasten to add, it was one of the most regrettable purchases I made...lesson learnt - don't go cheap!

Debs Smith


Mr Dyer was helpful beyond a way that was personal and not like a number. I have wasted money on other plinths in the past and will not do so again!

Andrew Maxwell


I bought one of your 503s 17 years ago and it's still in perfect condition. Excellent workmanship.

Robert Hale


This note is to inform you that the chair has arrived and also to express thanks for your kind assistance in its procurement.

Heather Harewood


VERY impressed with help on phone with recent problems -so I am not considering any other plinth for our new room!

Chris Farrell


You have been a lovely company indeed and I'll pass on the word. Friday went well thanks and had my first day today which was full and so the table had a good work out. Was great.

Dimi Argyros


Thank you for the couch delivery that was on time, quick and efficient. Luck was on our side as the unloading bay in front of the clinic was free for your van to park. You delivery man knew his stuff very well and all was done and dusted in 15 minutes. We managed to sell the 3 couches, and so all was well and we didn't have to load them at the back of your van. First feedback of the practitioners is that they are very happy with the couches, light but strong, good electric system.

Mr. J. Boisard


I have had my plinth 2000 couch for 2 years now and am made up with the product!

Kimberley Kempster


I have been using your products for 20 years plus and would like very much to continue doing so - can you supply me now I'm in Australia?

Iain MacRae


I know your couches well, it is good to have such properly made couches,I have worked with a lot of sub standard ones in my time!

Henry McGrath


Just a quick note to thank you for the great service and fantastic couch... I love it. It was delivered first thing yesterday as arranged, set up and demonstrated by your delivery guy. I'm thrilled, have already recommended you to my colleagues and students, I have no idea how I ever managed without it. Thanks again!

Lisa Clark


Thank you very much for letting myself & Nigel come view the couches Friday. We were both really impressed with the way in which all the options were explained and are really pleased with the choice of couch we have gone for.

Sara Roberts


I bought a plinth from you in 1997 and it’s still as good as the day I bought it and in immaculate condition as I’ve looked after it well and its proved to be every bit as robust as you promised it would be – very happy customer

Dr Julia Spivack


Again thank you for your continued support over the years you make very easy to tell customers that you have the best products out there!!

Chris Walker


It is wonderful to work with you guys, difficult to find a friendlier company, and with willingness to accommodate individual requirements. Good going.

Gitte Larsen


We are very proud of what was achieved on and off the field of play during the London Olympics and you and your company certainly played a part in that success, so thank you.

British Olympic Association


I want to express how pleased I am with the 503CD Chiropody Chair. It arrived in excellent condition and on time. This entry level chair is perfect for the needs of our foot care clinic run by registered nurses to the less fortunate in our community. Thank you for your excellent service.

Gloria Weibe


I just wanted to say thank you for the info on the traction protocols etc. I also wanted to mention the fabulous service that I received, both before and after sale. Every single person that I dealt with from sales staff to delivery and the retro fit guys were polite, patient and professional and done everything in their power to make me happy. I don't have much opportunity to give feedback on good service these days unfortunately and it's nice to be giving some good feedback instead of complaining. It would be great if more companies had your ethos.

Teri Turner


I would just like to say thank you for all your help with our order that was delivered today. The clinic being delivered too is opening this evening and is a key customer of ours. They had no end of praise for your staff who delivered and installed the couch, saying that they were; “extremely polite and helpful” and “tremendously professional.” With regards to the couch as well she was just as pleased, it was a “brilliant white” and that it is just what she needs. I would like to extend this further as you have been extremely patient with me too as I pestered with you with emails and phone calls as well. Thank you for taking care of one of our key customers so well, it really is appreciated.

Giles Cuddy


Thank you for all your efforts – you guys are Absolute Champions of Good Service

Drago Krdzalic


I’m so grateful for the effort that you guys have all gone through for this order so a big thank you to everyone!

Lyndsey Odhams


I contacted your Company last year to ask if my couch could be repaired as the rod that the split legs pivoted on, was jammed on one side, preventing me from being able to fully use that leg. Your service department arranged to collect the couch, issuing me with a loan replacement, and took mine away to your factory. I had also mentioned that some of the paint had flaked off the bar covering the rod and on the bar underneath the legs and had requested some paint to touch it up. Some weeks later my couch was returned to me and the loan couch taken away. A new rod had been put in place of the old one, the paintwork had all been touched up beautifully and there was no charge! There are not many companies that still offer this excellent after sales service, and I can honestly say that after this experience, I would only consider buying any future couches from your Company. May I thank you and your staff once again and I will happily recommend your couches to anyone looking to purchase one.

Jane Graham


I picked up a second hand couch (one of yours, the 503) and ordered couch covers for it from you. I would have bought new but the couch was only a couple of years old and in such good condition. When I will be wanting to get an electric one for my treatment room at home I will certainly purchase one of your couches. Your service has been excellent and has been a pleasure dealing with you and look forward to dealing with you again.

Alex Campbell


Once again, I thank you for the professional, efficient service that you have provided in handling this problem and I will be more than happy to recommend your organisation to my colleagues and patients should they be looking to purchase plinths etc..

Phil Hyde


Thank you very much, pleased to deal with a company who actually "do" customer service!

Mike Maynard


Just a few words to say thank you for such great customer service. This is nowadays quite rare and I was pleased on how up to date you both have kept me, with the order and delivery. I will try my up most to be a good ambassador for your brand whist working in the Bahamas!

Isabelle Lefaut


Couch delivered and installed :) Just to say thank you for a perfect transaction. I can’t remember the last time I dealt with a company that “did what it said on the tin” that was faultless.

Derek Harland


Many thanks for such a rapid response, and also your kind gesture, (sending the foot caps F.O.C. ) It feels really nice to know that some companies still hold what we call “old traditional values “. Your service is truly appreciated, and has gone quite someway to ease what is usually a long complex drawn out issue, that we endure with other companies. So Again I Thank You.

Steve Whittaker


May I say how pleased I am with the couch you have provided and that it has exceeded my wildest expectations! I will have no hesitation in recommending Plinth 2000 Ltd to my colleagues both for quality of goods and customer service.

Jasmine Mas


Whilst writing I would like to thank your company for the excellent service provided. Your telephone sales staff were extremely helpful and polite during our phone calls and delivery of my order was extremely fast. The couch bed itself is superb quality. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned.

Shelley Moulden


I am writing to thank you for your excellent equipment and service. As I mentioned in our telephone conversation, I had no idea that your service was as marvellous as your equipment. I have recommended you to all my colleagues and friends and will be one of your loyal customers as long as I work in the UK.

Saied Shahsavari


I would like to add my appreciation for a very good service, from ordering, delivery, through to installation, all was very professional and much better than rival firms I've used previously. If necessary, I will come to your company again. Well done!

Alan Sealy MCSP


Thank you - I said last time I ordered a couch that the customer service was great and so are the plinths - I wouldn't consider anything else!

Paula Collier-Ward


I wouldn't hesitate to use Plinth 2000 again. I will certainly recommend yourselves to other professionals. In fact, I know I have made a good choice as I saw your couches in Kettering General Hospital last week - if it's good enough for them, then I'm happy! Thank you.

Clare Walpole


We were delighted to receive the new arms for our tilt table last week. Thank you so much for sending them so speedily and without charge. As an entirely self funded charity, we really appreciate your generosity.

Sarah Westman


It is refreshing in this day and age to find such courteous and efficient staff.

Alan Trenter


I have to say; you as a company excel in the area of customer service...people like me will be back!!

James Smith


Disaster was averted when my Plinth 503 CDT (1999) started to intermittently cut out thanks to your prompt and courteous action in sending switch, and a new motor on to us asap. This allowed us to continue in our podiatry practice over a very busy summer period without a hitch. Unbelievable! And amazingly all this was pretty much on old fashioned ‘approval’ which enabled us to work out where the actual fault lay thanks to practical suggestions from a lady in the technical team. Your customer service is empathetic and was positive and helpful from start to finish. I will be singing your praises to my colleagues in podiatry in Edinburgh for sure.

Julie Roarty


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